How To Make French Press Coffee Easily

how to make French press coffeeThe taste of French press coffee may lead you to search for how to make French press coffee on your search bar. We cannot deny that the taste of French press coffee is unforgettable. It may taste different with the one you always drink in the morning since it usually has a quite bitter taste. However, if the flavor suits your taste, there is no doubt that you will long for this coffee every morning. Then, how can we make this French press coffee at home?

How To Make French Press Coffee Easily At Home

Let’s start with the uncouth grind. For your information, brewing coffee by using French press is different with a pour-over technique. In this case, you will find that the ground coffee steeps in water instead of passing through the filter. Considering this notion, we need to start with the coarse grind in order to get the most of the coffee. Then, what is the next step on how to make French press coffee? For the next step, you should pour hot water into the carafe. But, you should remember that you just need to fill it in halfway. After that, you have to wait for about four minutes.

As you wait for four minutes, you have to stir the ground by using a spoon when the timer hits one minute. As you come back to your coffee, you may find kind of layer on the top of the water. Break it with your spoon. Then, you can continue pouring the water to the carafe up to its top. On this step, you should use the circular pouring technique to soak the entire grounds. After that, put the lid on the press and wait. Once four minutes have passed by, you can continue plunging the coffee. Finally, you get your special coffee. For more tips to make French press coffee, you can check on

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