Barbecue Restaurants Near Me; In Bandung

barbecue restaurants near meSome tasty Korean restaurant in Bandung is popular with delicious BBQ menu that makes your mouth waters with the best beef and pork. There is also some Japanese restaurant in Bandung serves BBQ menu which famously known as Yakiniku that makes you want to visit again and again. Don’t worry though, they are not too pricey. Even some restaurants offer affordable price and have people’s heart with their special price. If you are curious about the best places around Bandung with Korean BBQ menu, barbecue restaurants near me will help you out.

Barbecue Restaurants Near Me You Should Go With Your Family

Having a BBQ night on weekend with all your family sounds interesting. If you can’t be bothered putting so much effort on throwing BBQ party in your house, the only option is to go out trying new BBQ place you have not been there before. Here go 9 best Korean barbecue restaurants near me based on

  1. Seorae – Jln. Dr. Setiabudhi No.49-51, Setiabudhi, Bandung. Open every day, Monday-Thursday (11am-10pm), Friday-Sunday (10am-11pm).
  2. Shingen Robatayaki – Setiabudhi 45, 3rd Jln. Dr. Setiabudhi No.45, Setiabudhi, Bandung. Open every day (11am-22pm).
  3. Sumeragi – Setrasari Plaza, Block B3 No.51. Jln. Prof. Dr. Surya Sumantri No. 120, Sarijadi, Bandung. Open every day (10am-11pm).
  4. Wanjo Korean BBQ Family Restaurant – Jln. Dr. Setiabudhi No.191B, Setiabudhi, Bandung.
  5. Chagiya Korean Suki & BBQ – Chingu Korean Fan Café. Jln. Sawunggaling No. 10, Dago Bawah, Bandung
  6. Mujigae – Festival Citylink, 1st Jln. Peta No. 241, Pasir Koja, Bandung
  7. TTALS Korean BBQ – Jln. Taman Holis Indah, Block C1 No. 21, Holis, Bandung
  8. Cha Ra Da – Jln. Kebon Jukut No. 25 – 29, Cicendo, Bandung
  9. Sadang Korean BBQ – Wastukancana No. 63, Wastukancana, Bandung

Your agenda having family dinner will be going well if you already know what place to go, so you don’t have to roam the street for too long. The list of barbecue restaurants near me above hopefully does you a favor.

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