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Meet Ann


Ann Platz is a noted interior designer, author, storyteller and speaker. An interior designer since 1975, Ann's design work has been featured in numerous respected publications, including: Traditional Homes, Arts & Antiques, and Southern Living magazines.

As the author of thirteen books, Ann has also become an accomplished and prolific writer. In addition to her careers as author and designer, Ann also the busy schedule of a popular and delightful public speaker.

Also a media favorite, Ann has appeared on many television programs, such as: PBS, HGTV and the Travel Channel.

In 1980, Ann met her husband, John, on a trip to the Holy Land. They were married that same year. Ann and John work together in their company, Ann Platz & Co., which houses a successful interior design company. This is also a place where Ann authors books and provides information concerning her speaking engagements.

Ann is well known for her Southern charm, gift of story telling and Southern hospitality. She has brought this forth in her design company. She comes from an extremely distinguished and strong family herself. Ann grew up on a gracious plantation in South Carolina. Ann is accustomed to entertaining effortlessly. She makes sure everything she does is done from that viewpoint. She extends that to clients and is used to doing things graciously. She does everything to the highest denominator. She is not pretentious and is very much appreciated by her clientele.

Personal good taste is Ann's strong suit. She has high standards in everything she does ... the way she lives and the way she relates to people. Her own home setting is perfection. It expresses her and it offers comfort to everyone who enters.

Warm, hospitable, gracious ... also practical and unpretentious ... Ann Platz epitomizes the qualities people admire about the South. Family is extremely important to Ann. She is the mother of two daughters, Courtney Platz and Margo McDonald, and the grandmother of Ivey, Dickson and Morris as well as John's grandsons, Jonathan and Jeremy. Catherine and Stuart were added to the family when daughter Margo married their father Nelson McDonald.