7 Simple DVD Storage Ideas

dvd storage ideasHave too many DVDs and need storage ideas that doesn’t take up so much space? I know how you feel, dude. DVD collectors must be having a hard time managing their uncountable collections. So, before you throw some of your collections away into the warehouse, try these simple ways for DVD storage ideas.

DVD Storage Ideas To Have Organized Room

The common problem for DVD collector is the space to place them. This case also happens to those book lovers, they sometimes don’t know what to do anymore with their stuff that is scattered all over the room. Store them in the corner of the room doesn’t do much of helping because your room would still look messy. So, here are 7 simple DVD storage ideas:

  1. Save storage space by using the DVD sleeves. Put them alphabetically and add alphabet dividers made of sturdy scrapbook paper. It makes you find the movie you are in the mood for easier.
  2. The circular cupboard can be you choose. Not only it provides space for your DVD, it also makes your room design interior more exquisite.
  3. Store your DVD inside the vintage soda crates by attaching it beside your fireplace. So, you can have a nice movie searching while enjoying the heat from the fireplace.
  4. I believe you have shoe boxes that no longer used. Recycled them can make your unorganized DVD collections into organized collections.
  5. Transform your IKEA Gorm shelving into a fancy bench for DVD storage.
  6. Use your old shutter for DVD holder. You can paint it with any color that matches your soul, it makes your room artful.

Living in a tidy room with exquisite interior decoration while collecting stuff is always people’s dream. A room always reflects the owner. I hope this article about DVD storage ideas can make your life more organized.

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